Ghana’s LGBTQ+ community fights back against bigotry

Social Justice

In Ghana LGBTQ+ advocates are banding together to sue the state for human rights violations against its queer community as the country experiences a rise in anti-LGBTQ+ violence. On June 14, two separate lawsuits were filed in the Ghana High Court against the inspector general of police and the attorney general of Ghana for violating the claimants’ human rights at an LGBTQ+ human rights training workshop in Ho in May 2021. These suits follow the introduction of legislation targeting LGBTQ+ Ghanians and advocates. Under a law proposed in August 2021, same-sex intercourse, “crossdressing”, and distributing material promoting LGBTQ+ activities would be banned while intersex people would be asked by the state to undergo “corrective surgery.”

This article is published in Xtra Magazine.