‘Blonde’ Was ‘Very Vile’ & ‘Lacked Empathy’ Toward Marilyn Monroe, Trauma Experts Say

Social Justice

Trigger warning: This article contains references to sexual violence.
Two weeks ago, Blonde, the newest biopic on Marilyn Monroe, was released on Netflix. A fictionalize take on Marilyn Monroe’s life, it has faced criticism over its insensitive portrayal of multiple sexual assaults, forced abortion, and lack of empathy for the real person. Further, the one-dimensional character of Monroe, focusing on her victimhood to the exclusion of her own thoughts and emotions was a sticking point. The fetishization of female pain, sensationalizing sexual violence, anti-abortion themes, and objectification of Monroe have also been criticized as being harmful to survivors of sexual violence, potentially having negative impact on young audience members, and being misogynistic.

This article is published in stylecaster.