Miami-Dade school board won’t celebrate LGBTQ2S+ History Month, citing concerns over ‘Don’t Say Gay’

Social Justice

Last week, the Miami-Dade school board voted against a proposal to recognize October as LGBTQ2S+ History Month. Proposed by Lucia Baez-Geller in an attempt to decrease the marginalization of LGBTQ2S+ people, dozens of parents and community members opposed the proposal on the grounds that it ran afoul of Florida’s parental rights law, also known by critics as “Don’t Say Gay.” Only Lucia Baez-Geller in favor of the proposal, with some members of the board citing the parental rights law as the reason behind their vote. The latest vote comes as LGBTQ2S+ people in Florida face significant mental health challenges—which appear to have worsened in the face of anti-LGBTQ2S+ legislation.

This article is published in Xtra Magazine.