Slovenia becomes first post-communist country to legalize same-sex marriage, adoptions

Social Justice

This week, Slovenia became the first country in Eastern Europe to legalize both same-sex marriage and the adoption of minor children by same-sex couples. In a 48-29 vote, Slovenian lawmakers voted to pass an amendment guaranteeing marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples on October 4. This move follows a decision from the Constitutional Court of Slovenia in July, which found in a 6-3 ruling that prohibiting same-sex marriage and adoptions violated a constitutional prohibition against discrimination. In contrast, Hungary passed a law banning the promotion of “homosexuality or gender change” to minors in media, banned same-sex adoption, ended legal gender recognition for trans people, and redefined marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. Poland has also been treading similar waters, with over 100 cities and municipalities passing symbolic ordinances declaring themselves “LGBT-free” zones.

This article is published in Xtra Magazine.