Plan A Presents: The Rebel Minority

Communautés Asiatiques, Diaspora

My millionth sincere attempt to become “the worst minority ot all time”, The Rebel Minority is my monthly column. Published on the first Wednesday of every month, I perform countercultural analyses of various societal and lifestyle phenomena in a sometimes light, sometimes serious tone. The goal of this column is to break the veneer of respectability that has long surrounded the existence of Asians in the West and bring my own honest intersectional diasporic Asian perspective to various issues of our chaotic Burning 20s.

Got an idea you want me to write about? Send them to me here with the subject line “The Rebel Minority: Column Idea”. I look forward to hearing from you!

This column is published in Plan A Magazine, a political Asian American publication that focuses on exploring issues relevant to the Asian diaspora from around the world and on radical movement building for justice.