Do Queer Asians Even Exist?

Communautés Asiatiques, Justice sociale

This 3-part series of articles explores the different facets of queer Asian invisibility in Montreal and the specifics of that particular intersectionality. Throughout the series I follow the lives of six queer Asians in Montreal – Linh, JP, Shawn, Fang, S. and A.L. – as they navigate life at the intersection of their identities and their environment. This first part will put the focus on the experiences of queer Asian individuals and their families. The second part will put the focus on their lived realities as they navigate daily life in their broader community. And the last part will put the focus on their thoughts, reflections, hopes and dreams within the society they exist in.

The first part of this series is published in the second volume of Sticky Rice Magazine – (BE)LONGING: The Queer Edition, which I had the pleasure to edit alongside three bright individuals – Philip Mak, Kevin Ah-Sen, Serene Mitchell.

This series is published in Sticky Rice Magazine, a Montreal-based Asian Canadian publication that aims to promote interculturalism by focusing on issues relevant to the Asian Canadian diaspora