Pakistan aid efforts in Canada call for solidarity, reparations

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Pakistanis living in Canada have watched the flooding of their homeland in horror, and worked to create solidarity initiatives to provide relief. Countless people have found themselves unable to contact family in Pakistan, amid electricity and telecommunications outages. Now questions have arisen over Canada’s contribution to climate change, as its CO2 emissions are more than 10 times that of Pakistan. Rich countries of the Global North, like Canada, should act to address their contribution to climate injustice. Damages from flooding are estimated at 30 billion dollars and Ottawa has pledged 30 million dollars in assistance. Among urgent concerns are the impacts to pregnant women and the lack of reproductive health products to those most impacted.

This article is published in The Breach.

We Asked Environmental Activists Their Thoughts on ‘Don’t Look Up’ & Here’s What They Said

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The science fiction movie Don’t Look Up has garnered a varying amount of opinions, praise, and criticism. Thus, we asked environmental activists for their thoughts on this movie and heard much on the representation of the news cycle, impact of influencers versus educated experts, the movie’s US-centric narrative, exclusion of marginalized representation, gender and age dynamics, and other topics.

This article is published in STYLECASTER.

Annamie Paul’s resignation signals a loss of hope. Who will bear the brunt of the climate emergency? Indigenous, low-income communities

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Between the resignation of Annamie Paul from the Green Party, and the federal government’s inability to follow through with environmental promises, many racialized and marginalized groups are feeling a loss of hope in the fight against climate change. Indigenous voice in particular find themselves silenced and ignored in this plight, highlighting how social and environmental justice are inextricably tied to one and other. To move forward, the environmental concerns of marginalized communities must be advocated for at the highest levels of our government.

This opinion piece is published in the Toronto Star in the Contributors column.

Élections : Les plateformes pour lutter contre l’urgence climatique sont-elles réellement inclusives?

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La crise climatique s’est fait durement sentir au Canada et avec une élection en cours la crise climatique est un enjeu de grande importance. Dans cette article je regarde quoi les cinq principaux partis fédéraux proposent pour lutter contre la crise climatique, si les partis sont suffisamment ambitieux, et le problème que les autochtones sont entièrement exclus des questions environnementales.

Cet article a été publié dans La Converse, un nouveau média d’actualités numériques qui un journalisme de dialogue pour servir les communautés marginalisées. Si vous avez d’autres histoires que vous voulez que je couvre, vous pouvez m’écrire. Et si vous voulez plus de nouvelles de ce genre, abonnez-vous à l’info-lettre de La Converse ici.

Everyday Sustainability Asia

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Sustainability is at the risk of commercialisation – the very thing it is supposed to be fighting against – facing greenwashing aimed at white consumers to the exclusion of minority groups. Yet around the world, every community has its own sustainability traditions, many of which can unlock sustainable habits for all homes. I talked to Asians worldwide to learn about their sustainable practices and investigate why they are not included in the West’s mainstream sustainability discourse.

This article is published in the third volume of Fen + Field Magazine – Where are we now, which examines the importance of home in our currently fraught world.

Fen + Field is an independently published magazine that aims to inspire and nurture creative, wild souls through written and visual storytelling. It focuses on the human/nature relationship to unearth stories that explore how to be a modern human in a wild world.